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TNT.Pray-NET time + Sports

Throne Room + Prayer NET

TNT.Prayer Mudbath prayer

TeenStreet 2007 Contagious People

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TS Malaysia Infects Teens for Jesus

Mantin, Malaysia,December 14, 2007 - TeenStreet Malaysia 2007 entitled CONTAGIOUS ran from December 8 -13 at Kolej Tuanku Jaafar. Over 340 persons attended TeenStreet Contagious from New Zealand, USA, Philippines, Brunei, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Sweden. Participants comprised 219 teens, 30 service team, 38 coaches, 5 Ministry & Management Leaders, about 45 staff members and 10 worship band members.

Six fun-filled learning days on how to be contagious and infect their sphere kept participants rivetted through the program leaders – Yong Foo Seng (Malaysia), Chris and Mel Kleinloh (Germany), Denise (New Zealand) and Dan & Suzie Potter (USA). The TeenStreet Band 1 A.M. encouraged the teens to be SOLD OUT for Jesus with their original composition. Experiencing God through the Throne Room, Workshops (Interact 1.0 & 2.0), Sports, TNT. Race, TNT. Pray, Interaction Zone and Shh… time. Teens had the opportunities to be creative in their worship through writing their prayer requsts at the Prayer Net and clipping their prayer requests on the clothes line, writing down the blockages they have in their relationship with God on the Hindrance Wall and being quiet at the Prayer Tent.

This year’s TNT.Race raised over RM24,000 towards OM’s work with people living with HIV/AIDS. A teen raised money through selling hand-made Christmas cards, others baked cookies, whilst others did chores to raise the funds for people suffering from HIV/AIDS.
“This year’s TNT race (btw TNT means Teens Need Teens) was real fun. It was raining heavily but praise God we all still ran the race. My coach playfully pour a whole bucket of water on me after a teamwork game called balloon frenzy. She was just so much fun to be with. and guess what, my team won the tnt race. Haha.. it was just somehow very funny and unexpected.hehe.. “ – Leanne, Malaysia

TnT Pray helped teens pray for the unreached people groups all over the world and experience a bit of spiritual hunger and physical poverty when they were served with yoghurt, grains of rice and onions after skipping lunch. “Whoopee! We had to use unconventional ways to pray for teens suffering around the world. Well guess what. The organisers decided to make us suffer like those other teens. We had to go from station to station praying for different things. Through each station, we got bound up with masking tape. Val/Dawn and Kim/Amelia were bound up at the wrists, and Grandma aka COACH was bound up 2 hands together. But whoopee, guess what. Lauren and I were bound up at the ankles. And nothing hurt as much as walking around stuck to someone else at the ankles for the entire day. I got extremely twisted and cut up that my ankle was really red after that.” – Hannah Khaw, Malaysia

“Not knowing God is like swimming against the tide. My parents stopped having wild fights. I have direction. I know where I am going my family and I have PEACE with Jesus, “ shares a teen in prayer time.

“I also was glad that I was able to write out my difficulties on a the Hindrance Wall. After writing it I felt relieved. That a burden was lifted. Thank you for praying.” – An Anonymous Teen

“Thx for teaching me wat praise n worship really meant.... only in teenstreet that i began 2 felt the strong presence of God with me.... well keep up the good work for God... n i have made my decision 2 b sold out for God.” - Jerald

Joycelin, a teen shared at TeenStreet her heartfelt cry to God about wanting to be Contagious through a song she wrote in May 2007

Verse 1:
All the while i thought it was hard to,live a life which is pleasing to God,
but after feeling God's love i felt peace
Doing more than just to receive
I felt the urgency to reach out
To those who needed everlasting love
I wanna change i wanna transform lives
Let those be blessed by God's embrace

Pre-Chorus:I'm taking this calling
Completing God's mission for me
Gonna spread this love
As contagious it should be

I'll step out from my comfort zone
I'll lay my life down at your feet
Returning the love you have shown
You are the one i'll give away
You are the reason my faith will never sway
I'll take up my cross never goastray
To be a part of your great will i pray

Verse 2:
Now I know that you are true to me
Your Love has made me very different
Show your great love for the world to see
Tell everyone you are concerned

TeenStreet Malaysia 2007 Contagious ended with Teens making a commitment to CARE, DELIGHT in God, BEING REAL, DEVELOP VISION, FIGHT OPPOSITION AND INFECTING THEIR SPHERE.



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

TeenStreet Packing Instructions

Dear TeenStreet Participant,

Welcome to Contagious TeenStreet Malaysia 2007. Below you will find information that will be helpful as you get ready to come to TeenStreet. Looking forward to seeing you this December. Meanwhile if you have any further questions you can contact us at teenstreet@my.om.org.

1. What time can I check in for TeenStreet? When do I check out?

You can check in between 2.03 pm and 4.33pm on the 8th Dec. The program will begin at 5.03pm. The last day of TeenStreet is 13th Dec and the program ends with lunch. You can check out between 2.13 and 4.13pm

2. Where do I go on 8th Dec?

Kolej Tunku Jaafar, 71700 Mantin, Negeri Sembilan


I signed up for the bus transport to the TeenStreet venue. Where & when do I get on the bus?

The bus will depart from the open air MPPJ car park next to Kelana Centre Point (Kelana Jaya) at 1pm sharp. Please be there at least 20 mins before departure time.

What should I pack to take to TeenStreet?

Pillow, Pillow Cover, Bedsheet & Blanket


Mosquito repellent

Sunblock for afternoon sports

Slippers, Sandals, Running / Sports shoes

Clothing: Bath towel, clean socks, clean underwear, t-shirts and appropriate clothing – Be sure it complies with the ‘Community Lifestyle Statement’

Sports attire – tshirt & shorts or track pants,

One piece swim suit (there is a pool but accessibility depends on availability of a lifeguard)

Medicines (if you are on prescription)


Water bottle

Bible, Note Book, Pens & Pencils

Small amount of spending money (TeenStreet Café, Bookshop)

TNT.Race Card/s & Money

Pls note that you will be sharing the room with 3-4 others. So if you bring cameras, MP3 players, mobile phones you will be responsible for your own belongings.

Where will I sleep?

The rooms are dormitary style with about 4-6 beds in each room. You will have a bed but bedsheets & pillows are not provided. So do bring your own pillow, pillow cover, bedsheet & blanket. You cannot sleep on the mattress without a bedsheet.

If you do not bring your own bedsheet, we will provide you one at the cost of RM 15.

What is the Community Lifestyle Statement?

TeenStreet is a community of people from many different nations, cultures and Church backgrounds. At TeenStreet we try to focus on basic Bible teachings and the most important issues of life. We want to set aside our “self” priorities, and our selfish nature. This may mean we need to be more sensitive. We are not here to push our way, but to learn from one another.

The Community Lifestyle Statement and Dress Code have been written for the TeenStreet week. We are not saying that this is how everyone should live at home, however it helps us to live in unity during TeenStreet. Remember to live according to the Bible. The words and teachings of Jesus cross all cultural differences.

TeenStreet Community Lifestyle Statement

At TeenStreet our first concern will be to have the right attitudes towards God and one another. But we also know that we need some clear rules for our life together during this time, especially as we come from such a variety of backgrounds. To not offend others or cause other problems, all the participants at TeenStreet agree to the following:

a) Illegal actions are of course forbidden at TeenStreet and by law we are required to report most violations to the police. This includes the use of drugs, the use of knives, other violence, threats, vandalism, racism etc.

b) During TeenStreet we all refrain from the use of alcohol on and off site.

c) TeenStreet is for NON-smokers so I will refrain from all smoking on or off site during TeenStreet.

d) We will all follow the instructions of staff and leaders. If there is a reason not to do so, I will first talk with my coach or M&M Leader. If I am not a teen participant, I will talk with the supervisor or another authority over my leader.

e) All teens and coaches must take part in the daily required activities. Exceptions must be cleared with an M&M leader who will also take action depending on the need.

f) Everyone must be at his or her accommodation for Net Time 2. All must be quiet and lights off at ‘DOWN’ time as per schedule. Guys cannot enter girls accommodation areas and girls cannot enter guys accommodation areas.

g) Do not borrow, move or touch anyone’s belongings without their permission.

h) We are all committed to follow the TS Dress-code for this week:

What is the dress code at TeenStreet?

1. We encourage you to cover too much rather than too little! For some of you we may have to come to you and ask you to put more on or change something. Do not take that personally. We just want to help you, in that what you are wearing will not offend others. It is even better to ask your coach if you are unsure.

2. Everyone should wear tops – no belly tops, no see-through tops or tops that are too low cut. Guys must wear their shirts including during sports activities.

3. Do not wear clothing or accessories bearing offensive text or graphics (for example, drugs, fascist, violence, sexual or occultist related messages)

4. Undergarments worn should not be seen (including bras for girls).

5. Shorts must be at least mid thigh in length.

6. Trousers must be at least waist high in length.

7. Clothing should not be too tight fitting.

Who can my parents contact in case of an emergency during TeenStreet?

We do not have a land line at the TeenStreet venue but will have two mobile phones that will be held by TeenStreet leaders. The numbers are 012 3169652 or

016 2511842.

For inquiries before TeenStreet who can I contact?

You can email teenstreet@my.om.org or call 03-78035303 and speak to Pari or Hue Jin.

What is the TNT.Race?

TNT is Teens Need Teens and every year at Teentreet we raise money that will be channeled to ministry that is impacting other teenagers or children.

One afternoon during TeenStreet we will all run the TNT.Race - an obstacle course / treasure hunt. You participate in it with your NET (small group). Before coming to TeenStreet you will raise funds from family and friends as you pledge to run the TNT.Race. See the materials enclosed.


Parimalam Balasubramaniam

TeenStreet Malaysia Director

For the TeenStreet Committee

TeenStreet Nov Prayer News 2007

TeenStreet is 3 weeks away! As the event approaches, we want to praise God for each thing He
has done. We also want to pray that He will work in the hearts of teens even now and express
our utter dependence on Him for the final preparations. May God’s heart and mission impact all those who will be at TeenStreet so that they will be CONTAGIOUS for Him!
Nov 19
• Thank God for the TeenStreet party on 21
Oct where 3 new people signed up. Thank
God for providing all the manpower and
• Praise God for all He has done so far in the
preparations for TeenStreet.
• Praise God for 224 teens who have registered,
provision of 31 Service Team, 38
Coaches, 4 Ministry and Management
personnel (M&Ms), 3 intercessors (Prayer
Team), 3 counselors (Fountain Team), and
32 other staff. Thank Him for making it
possible for many to come, teens and staff
alike. Praise Him for answering specific
prayers for male Coaches.
Nov 20
• Praise God for providing again the
TeenStreet site at Kolej Tuanku Jaafar, its
owners, staff and students, that they have
been very helpful as we make preparations.
• Pray for the teens. Pray that God will
prepare them even now to be challenged by
this year’s theme, Contagious: Infect Your
Nov 21
• Thank God for a good time of fellowship and
equipping at the Leaders’ Training I on 3 Nov,
that He has sent a sufficient number of
coaches passionate about Him and His glory.
Nov 22
• Praise God for Dan & Suzie Potter, Chris &
Mel Klienloh, Denise Healey and Yong Foo
Seng. Pray for them as they put together the
program elements and work together with the
Worship Team.
• Pray that God will provide 2 more male
Nov 23
• Thank God for numerous ways in which He
has been assisting Pari and the TeenStreet
committee in its preparations. As the event
draws near, pray for extra strength, grace,
passion and ideas.
Nov 24
• Pray that God will provide someone to lead
the Interaction Zone.
• Pray for more sponsors/funds to meet the
costs of TeenStreet.
Nov 25
• Praise God for teens who are already
beginning to raise funds for HIV/AIDS
ministry. Pray that as they do so they will
catch the vision of God’s love for all those
Nov 26
• Thank God for the Worship Team “1 A.M.”.
Pray for God’s passion, wisdom and creativity
as they work
together with the
Program Team and
minister to the teens.
Nov 27
• Pray for the ministry of
OM to those living with
Nov 28
• Pray for the Coaches, M&Ms, Worship
Team, Prayer and Fountain Teams, Service
Team, and all other staff involved in
TeenStreet. Pray for unity, good health,
Christ-likeness, authentic faith,
servanthood in leading, sensitivity to God’s
Spirit, God’s empowerment, wisdom,
grace. That they will connect with the
teens and be role models to them.
Nov 29
• Pray that the final details of the site design,
Prayer Room, accommodation, food,
music, workshops, coaches, service team,
transport and site security will be worked
Nov 30
• Keep praying for the teens, that God will
prepare them beforehand to be challenged
by His message at TeenStreet.
Dec 1
• Continue praying for the Program and
Worship Teams as they prepare to minister
to the teens.
Dec 2
• Pray that Coaches will have a real heart for
the teens, be open and understand their
situation and needs. That they will live in a
close friendship with Jesus, be mature in
their faith, patient and courageous in
getting to know the teens, be honest,
balanced, and enthusiastic. That they will
be Christ-like, act responsibly and give
themselves sacrificially. Pray that they will
inspire the teens to be contagious for
Dec 3
• Pray that God will empower M&Ms to
minister to, supervise and counsel the
Coaches under their care.
Dec 4
• Pray for the Fountain and Prayer
Teams, for wisdom and sensitivity
as they minister to the teens
at TeenStreet.
• Pray for TeenStreet prayer
supporters, that God will give
them insight and wisdom as they
intercede for the teens,
TeenStreet staff, and all that will
happen at the TeenStreet event.
Yes! I want to pray for TeenStreet Malaysia 2007.
For more information: www.om.org or www.teenstreet.om.org
Page 2
Dec 5
• Pray for teens who do not yet know Jesus, that they will
begin to have a real friendship with Jesus and reflect Him
in their world.
• Pray for good health, protection and safe arrival of international
OM staff – Denise, the Klienlohs and Peter M.
Dec 6
• Pray for good health, protection and safe travel of
TeenStreet staff as they begin physical preparations at the
TeenStreet site today. Pray for unity of heart, efficiency and
Dec 7
• Pray specifically for the needs of any teens you know
personally who will be at TeenStreet.
• Continue that God will strengthen and unite TeenStreet staff
as they finalise site set-up and prepare to minister to the
• Pray for the Program Team – good health, preparations of
heart, mind and soul, clarity, creativity & power as they
prepare to proclaim God’s message.
Dec 8
• Pray for a safe journey for all participants travelling to KTJ
today and smooth check-in.
• Pray for the teens. Pray for good health and openness to
God’s word.
• Pray that God will challenge participants as they focus on
Nehemiah 1:1-4 today, that they will begin to CARE for
• Pray God will strengthen relationships of participants in
their NET (small group).
Dec 9
• Pray that God will challenge participants as they consider
Nehemiah 1:5-11, that they will DELIGHT in God Himself.
• Pray that God will empower the Worship Team as they lead
participants in worship and minister to them.
• Pray that the participants will understand the idea of Shhh
0.5 time, where everyone is completely silent across the
site for 30 mins every day, that they will listen to what God
is saying and meditate on Him.
• Pray that teens will have a good time as they participate in
workshops and sports.
Dec 10
• Pray that God will challenge participants as they consider
Nehemiah 2:1-10, that their CHARACTER will exhibit
• Pray for good health, protection and safe arrival of the
• Pray for good weather for the TNT.Race, that participants
will have a fun time running this race for God’s work among
those living with HIV/AIDS.
• Pray that teens will have a good time interacting with God
in the Prayer Room everyday, that they will be encouraged
to pray and be devoted to daily prayer after TeenStreet.
Dec 11
• Pray that God will impact teens as they consider Nehemiah
2:11-3:32 today, that they will experience God’s VISION by
gaining His perspective, encountering human needs and
responding together.
• Pray that teens will have a fruitful time in their NET,
reflecting on what God has done in their life during the day,
reviewing memory verses, praying together as a group and
being accountable for
one another.
• Pray that teens will
have a fun time
participating in
workshops and sports.
• Praise God for all that He has done so far, and will continue
to do in the lives of all the participants of TeenStreet, teens
and leaders alike.
Dec 12
• Pray that God will challenge participants as they consider
Nehemiah 4:1-6:14, that they will understand that being
contagious for Jesus will awaken OPPOSITION and know
how to face it.
• Today is also TS.PRAY day where participants may choose
to fast at lunch. Pray for them as they focus on the HIV/
AIDS pandemic.
• The Throne Room is an extended time of worship and
prayer at the end of each day at TeenStreet. On this last
night of TeenStreet, pray that teens will have a special time
with God and be challenged by Him in every area of their
life. Pray that God will empower the Worship, Prayer and
Fountain Teams to minister appropriately to teens in need.
Dec 13
• Pray that as TeenStreet ends today, God will challenge
participants as they consider Nehemiah 6:15-8:6, that they
will realise their need and desire to infect their Sphere and
• Praise God for all He has done in TeenStreet 2007. Pray
that as loose ends are tied up that God’s hand will be on it.
• Pray for journey mercies and a good time packing up.
• Pray that as some participants go out on TiM (Teens-in-
Mission) they will experience God’s presence, leading and
Dec 14
• Pray that all TeenStreet participants will remember the
lessons learned at TeenStreet Contagious and continue on
their Big Adventure with Jesus.
• Pray for all those on TiM, that they will have a great time
being contagious for God in their various spheres and that
this experience will have a permanent impact on them.
Dec 15
• Pray that participants will be strengthened by God to live for
Him. Pray for right attitudes in their lives.
Week of Dec 16
• Pray that participants will have a great meeting with God in
His Throne Room.
• Pray for the coaches and M&M leaders that God will
continue to give them a big passion for teenagers. Pray
that they will continue to encourage and strengthen those
they ministered to during TeenStreet, reminding teens and
each other to be faithful about the decisions they made.
Week of Dec 23
• Pray for the Program Team and TeenStreet Committee as
they continue to serve God in TeenStreet ministry.
• Pray that as TeenStreet participants look ahead to 2008,
they will be strengthened by the Lord to make
decisions and live according to His word.
• Give praise to God for all that He has done and
will do in the lives of all TeenStreet participants.
Pray that all will remain connected to Him in

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TS2007 Brochure

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Are you Contagious?

Date: 21 Oct 2007
Time: 16.00 — 18.00
Cornerstone Baptist Church
Lot 5022 PJS 7/5A
Bandar Sunway

Calling all TeenStreet Teens,
Sevice Team Crew, Set-Up Crew,
Coaches, M&M & TS Leaders. It’s
time to get Contagious !
Registerby17Oct toreceiveTeen Street merchandise.
Phone: 03-78035303
Fax: 03-78035456
Contact person: Pari or Hue Jin

TeenStreet Party
Brought to you by OM Malaysia
1 a.m. Worship Band
DJ Odin spinning the groove
Fun Games
Spiritual Health Check
Book & Music Booth
Goodie Bag (if you pre-register)
Cost: RM 5 per person

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Spiritual HealthCheck? Are you F.A.T.

We had to go to three stations and we ran out of time :-( So now I'm not sure how healthy I am...hehehee. Anyway got to go home and do my spiritual health check. Will be posting up the checklist for those overseas and outstation :-)


Thursday, October 11, 2007

TeenStreetOctober PrayerUpdate

Pray Without Ceasing Oct 2007

Momentum is building up for TeenStreet Malaysia 2007 as we see God bringing people and plans together. Two months to go, and your prayers remain vital. Keep praying for the teens and TeenStreet organizing teams!


  • TeenStreet Band. Praise God for answering our prayer for a suitable band with committed members to lead worship at TeenStreet! Pray that God’s hand will be upon them as they prepare.
  • The Team. Thank God for providing the various organizing teams with personnel and creative ideas, especially for site design and Prayer Room. Continue to praise God for how He is bringing together volunteers to serve on the program, services, logistics and administration teams.
  • TeenStreet Germany. As we look forward to TeenStreet Malaysia 07, let’s praise God for His work in the hearts of teens elsewhere. 3,000 teens from all over Europe gathered together in Germany (28 Jul – 4 Aug) to learn how to be Contagious and infect their sphere for Christ. Praise God for what they learned about HIV/AIDS, and for their enthusiasm in raising tremendous financial support for HIV/AIDS ministry amongst children and youth. Pray that as the teens return to their home situations, they will keep allowing God to work in their lives, so that they will be who they were created to be and contagiously affect others around them with the love of Christ.

PRAY for…

  • Teenstreet Malaysia Reunion (Oct 21). Pray that as teens and staff get together again, they will connect and have a great time. Pray that everyone will be blessed and motivated by God as they spend time in games, worship, prayer, and revisit previous TeenStreet challenges – to “Love God, Love People” (2005) and be transformed into Christ-likeness in “Metamorphosis” (2006).

  • Coach, Service Crew and Staff Training (Nov 3). Pray that God will bring together as many coaches, service crew and staff as possible for a fruitful time of getting to know each other, encouragement, and in-depth training for ministry at TeenStreet 2007. Pray for clear vision, unity of heart and purpose, and empowerment from God.

· Registration. Pray that more teens will participate in this year’s TeenStreet and will register early to facilitate planning.

· TNT.Race. Pray for creativity in planning the TNT.Race and that that God will give teens a passion to collect funds to support ministry for HIV/AIDS.

  • TiM (Teens in Mission). Pray that God will speak to the hearts of teens even now to decide that they will step out of their comfort zone and become contagious for Christ. Pray that they will prayerfully consider getting involved in TiM after TeenStreet, namely mission projects ranging from work among the poor to serving in orphanages.
  • The Team. Pray that the Organising Committee and various organizing teams will be sensitive to God’s leading as they plan. Pray for strength, more creative ideas and resources for those working on program, site design, creative and interactive prayer, workshops and sports.